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Monday, July 8, 2013

Shut'er Down

After having many starts and stops with this blog, it's time to bring her to a close. My husband and I were fortunate enough to move back to our beloved South last August and I've been enjoying life and actually having a life to enjoy. This blog holds a special place in my heart as the time spent writing it was an irreplaceable chapter that I will always reflect fondly upon, but I can say with all confidence, I am glad it is over. I took the memories and everlasting friendships with me when I left. I also took home some gorgeous baubles from my previous job. I had breakfast at Tiffany's. I learned that diamonds are forever, but they didn't turn out to be this girl's best friend. The gold will shine on, but the silver will eventually tarnish. Baubles will always make me happy, but somedays biscuits make me happier. Please join me over at my new blog - Biscuits and Baubles
(Taken on my last day in NYC - August 2012)

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