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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Who says 33 is young and inexperienced? Well, I think Coach Shaka Smart has proven the naysayers wrong. He and the players have proven that skills, determination and heart can carry you a long way. That's right, Kansas! I'm talking to you, Duke! The Rams' success to the Final 4 this year may be a Cinderella Story, but I choose to believe otherwise. Sure, my bracket is demolished, but I don't really care. Everyone else's is too. Both of my Carolina teams are out of the playoffs, but I can still hang onto some Southern pride in this Yankee town by routing for VCU. I have pride. I went there. It may not have been for a degree, but instead to get my teeth beautifully straightened (Thanks, Dr. I), but that's not what I tell most people. My brother obtained his masters through this university and I cheered him on as he crossed that stage. See, I am connected. We all know my blood definitely runs GOLD...ummm...hello, Tiffany. I am connected.

Thankfully, My Hero and I won't have to watch the Final Four as a house divided. He has already asked me who I would cheer for if VCU and Carolina played one another. My heart is with VCU, but my soul is with Carolina. Tough question. Would I rather be disowned by my side of the family or by my own husband? Either way, I would lose. I skillfully changed the subject and averted his attention otherwise...I might have actually started cooking something which made him blackout for a few seconds. HA!

You're Invited!
WHAT: Grab your gear and cheer for the RAMS!
WHEN: Saturday, April 2nd
TIME: 6:00PM

If you want to look like you know what you are talking about, don't say "Virginia Commonwealth." Simply say "VCU." Got it?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Must See

I had the pleasure of viewing the documentary about the extraordinarily talented Bill Cunningham this weekend - Bill Cunningham New York. This man is a fixture in the fashion world; not for his own sense of style, but for the fashion that he captures in his lens. His genuine interest is the clothes. The beautiful people just happen to come along with the stitchings. For nearly nine decades, Mr. Cunningham has processed roll after roll of film with gorgeous clothes from the flamboyant to the absurd to the downright gorgeous on New Yorkers ranging from aristocrats, socialites, and regular people. His candid photography for the New York Times is astonishing and has the power to put a normal human being in fine clothes on the map.

This film is a must-see for anyone who has even a 1000th of an inkling in fashion. It is definitely for everyone who has a passion for life and determination to just do what they enjoy, being great at what you do, and not losing yourself along the way.

If you loved The September Issue, you will love this documentary as well.