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Thursday, January 19, 2012


So here's the thing...I think the people at my favorite Chinese restaurant are catching on...My Hero and I work a great deal of opposite hours and, since I don't cook, I frequent the Chinese restaurant across the street from my apartment. You really can't beat a gallon (exag) of wonton soup for $3.75! Or the humongous chicken w/ veggie combo for $8.95.

This is a ton of food, which I don't devour in one sitting (glutton), so I make it look like I am getting food for 2 by grabbing 2 sets of chopsticks as I walk out the door. I think the people in the place have caught my sent. They never see My Hero...only me...did I mention I'm in there a lot...I'm beginning to appear like a dateless, hopeless girl who eats by herself...a lot. I didn't want to give them the benefit of the doubt so I made My Hero make an appearance with me a few nights ago. I think I bought myself some time. I threw them off the trail for now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Celebration

NYC birthday parties have yet to disappoint. This weekend's celebration took the cake by far as we rose a glass and ate our way through numerous HOMEMADE tapas dishes. I have yet to live it up with the Puerto Rican crowd, but this weekend was a lovely introduction. The jury is still out on the verdict deciding if I can hang with them or not. I left around 3AM and the party was still going! WOW!

My dear friend, Jen, invited her friends to her apartment to ring in another year of her wonderful life while her boyfriend, who is also coincidentally a chef, prepared plates possibly created in heaven's kitchen. My mouth waters thinking of the delicious creations I can barely pronounce. I hope to be invited to more events with this crowd in order that my vocabulary and taste buds evolve with the new friendships initiated this weekend.

A few images of the food and festivities follow.
(The Birthday Girl & The Chef)
(Tomatoes & goat cheese on fresh bread. Homemade plantain chips and guacamole behind)
(My "Fabulous" friend Drazen and I strike a fierce pose)
(Drazen got caught wearing the Birthday Girl's sash and tiara)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


A whole restaurant dedicated to MEATBALLS! Delicious! We ventured out with a few friends to The Meatball Shop recently on a rainy evening in the city. These Southerners were seeking comfort food in this Yankee town and we found it.

The menu has numerous options and daily specials which are sure to please nearly any carnivore's palette. The location we went to had communal seating which can be kind of awkward initially since you may be seated next to complete strangers. Thankfully, we were seated at the end of the long center table so this seating situation wasn't too painful.

We ended the evening on a sweet note with one of the recommended ice cream cookie sandwiches. Delicious! We will definitely be back in the near future!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shine On

It's no mistake that I have a passion for jewelry...afterall, diamonds may not be my best friend, but sparkle is my favorite color. I am lusting after the following pieces for the new year. Is it wrong to put jewelry on my "Goal List" for 2012? I think not.

Of course, we must begin with a Tiffany piece. This is a pendant from Paloma Picasso's Graffiti collection. The words "Love" are delicately set in rose gold with round brilliant diamonds.
Next we move on to a classic Southern girls piece. TO. DIE. FOR. Monogram earrings from Max and Chloe are a must to make this girl's wardrobe clean and polished on any given day. They come in either yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty Twelve!

A grand night on the town it was not. Instead, My Hero and I staid in and enjoyed some rare quality time together...and a New York pie. We ran outside at the strike of midnight to see the fireworks and wish our neighbors a happy new year. Bring it on 2012! This is gonna be a great year.