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Monday, September 27, 2010


As part of My Hero's 30 birthday, we embarked on a TV & Movie bus tour around the city this past weekend. We are still trying to learn our way around the city and I figured one of the best ways to do it was in a bus with a bunch of of whom was UBER European (read: he stunk) and another who enjoyed playing musical chairs on the bus (read: he liked stealing our seat at the front of the bus).

We rendevoued at the Stardust Diner Saturday morning a bit earlier than scheduled to grab a bite to eat. The Stardust is known for their kitchy wait staff that sings songs while on the clock. We took a seat amongst the other tourists and quickly learned that this was an overpriced, hot diner. Thankfully, I had spotted a couple breakfast carts across the street. We made a run for it and enjoyed two cream cheese bagels and coffee for a grand total of $4! THRIFTY and YUMMY!
Here are just a few of the sites we took in:
(Lois Lane's Apartment - The penthouse at the top. Pretty good digs for a reporter.)

(Madison Square Park - we strolled past Ivanka Trump on our way to this spot.)
(Madison Square Park again. Filmed here: I Am Legend, Enchanted, August Rush, Barefoot in the Park, When Harry Met Sally, Searching for Bobby Fischer, etc.)

(The Courthouse. Filmed here: Law & Order, Miracle on 34th St., The Godfather, Wall Street, Night Court, The Devil's Advocate, Gangs of New York, etc.)

(Hook & Ladder 8. Filmed Here: Ghostbusters, Hitch, Seinfeld)

(The Friends Building)

It was a great day and we will totally go on another tour sans smelly people and seat stealers. Just in case you are in the city, check out deals for similar tours on You might be just as lucky as we were to score a 2-for-1 deal!

Monday, September 20, 2010

To The South, With Love

I sprouted wings and flew South to the Queen City this past weekend for a semi-surprise-girls' weekend with Sunshine. I was finally able to relax and start the weekend after becoming an aunt for the 8th time!!! It never gets old!!! Cora Elizabeth is the now the youngest of them all and just as dear and precious.

Sunshine and I packed in a lot in a short visit. She picked me up from the airport and we headed to dinner near SouthPark Mall. Sitting in the warm, fresh air, enjoying a nice dinner was just the ticket. We caught up on a slew of back stories and good gossip.

Saturday morning came before we knew it. We hit up Owen's Bagel for brunch and a belated birthday-bagel with Hapster, a great friend and former co-worker. What a great moment for a photo-op.
After spending some quality time with a dearly missed friend, we headed out to take over a few shops before the Tennessee game. Both of us usually find great things at J.T. Posh, but nothing was tickling our fancy. They carry high end consignment clothes which is always super chic for any fashionista on a budget with high-end taste. Despite the lack of findings at J.T. Posh, I was super thrilled to find a decorative plate with the Charlotte skyline painted on it at Paper Skyscraper. It sounds really tacky, but it's quite cute. It details very specific buildings and areas that are well known in the Charlotte area on it.

During our ventures around the city, we headed towards Buckets where Sunshine's fabulous skirts and dresses are flying off the shelves. Her unique creations, otherwise known as Hems & Hers, can be found in boutiques, college campuses and a trunk show headed your way in the near future. Check out her amazing pieces and add a splash of color to your wardrobe at Hems & Hers.
We headed to dinner with some girl friends Saturday night. We all caught up on each other's lives and had some really good laughs. Sunshine promised to write a review of the Diva Cup for more ensuing laughter. Ms. Charlotte promised to find out more info on the Shake really does exist...really. It's not just a commercial spoof on Saturday Night Live. The best part was catching up on the new life of mommihood from Texas. She's just so laid back and relaxed and in love with her precious babe.
I landed back in the North Sunday evening and back in the arms of My Hero. Rockzilla happily greeted me at the door with a huge smile and a tiny tail that wagged his entire body. It's good to be home in the Big Apple. What a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I went for my first jog/run in the city today. It was magically freeing despite the stops on every other block due to stop lights. I bet I looked super-cute jogging in place waiting for the next green light as "Eye of the Tiger" pounded in my ears. I did have fun maneuvering around the folks on their way to work though. It was kind of like playing dodge ball and the people were the ball. Since tearing my I.T. band in my hip over a year ago, I haven't had a good run or felt so energized. Sadly, I know the weather is going to be extremely cold soon so I think I will have to continue to apply my thermometer rule that I used in Charlotte - if the weather is lower than 32 degrees, I don't run outside.

During my run, I couldn't help but wonder if I should pull a "Kelly" (a.k.a. Kelly Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York). HAHAHA! That was a fleeting thought. Maybe next time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

I have been dreaming of the day when I would be in New York City for Fashion Week. Now that I live here, I've been absorbing as much of it as I possibly can. I've noticed an amazing change in the air since Labor Day. The city was smoldering, hot and consumed with tourists prior to September 6th. Most New Yorkers leave the city for their summer home located at a nearby beach for a majority of the sweltering months. Fashion Week and the ever-so-slight chill in the night air tend to draw them all back. The city buzzes with a renewed energy as it welcomes fashionistas from across the globe while simultaneously lulling just a touch from general tourists who return home to send their children off to school.

Last week was a L-O-N-G week at work. We are in the midst of producing three major catalogues. Two of which are translated into 12 different languages. The merchandise in each book is simply stunning and I never tire of looking at it, but there is so much information still to learn and retain.

On another note, My Hero and I have been like two ships passing in the night. We see each other either at 4:00 AM as he's getting ready for work some days or at 11:00 PM when he returns. We are both worn out, but not frazzled. We just love being in NYC.

By Friday morning, neither of us were sure we would have enough energy to enjoy Fashion's Night Out that evening. We decided we would catch up with one another when we got off work. We didn't want to miss out on the festivities.

Throughout the day, a co-worker, Zoro, and I planned our attack. It was simple. Stay in Mid-town. We got off work around 8:30 and headed out to the street. We were shocked! Our office is located on Madison Ave. which is usually dead by this time of night. It was far from it! Everyone was dressed to impress and hustling from one store party to another.

Our first stop was Tiffany & Co. Mark Ronson was DJing the event. The launch of yellow diamonds launched Friday evening in the store as well. The store windows featured yellow diamond merchandise, the outside of the building had a yellow glow and, in lieu of a red carpet in front of the building, there was a yellow carpet ushering in potential customers. The main windows in the upper perimeter of the building reflected a gorgeous kaleidoscope of yellow diamonds which just happened to bounce off of the Louis Vuitton building...HA! HA! I am sure LV had some choice words for Tiffany & Co. management the next day! HA!

The 4th floor was dressed to feature the launch of the newest Tiffany & Co. handbag collection. The designers of the collections, Richard Lambertson and John Truex, were on hand to meet the buyers and tell them about the fabulous product.

(Satin bracelet bags in jars - just like little treats for your wrist!)
(Laurelton natural lizard bag - My favorite!!! It's is so buttery I just want to
lick it every time I see it. It's a mere $4,800.)

We moved back out to the street after playing in Tiffany and enjoying a snack of lemonade (yellow to sip on in honor of yellow diamonds) and cookies resembling the new bags. The whole evening was full of eye-candy. We came across the real-life Ken doll truck. My Hero wasn't in there so I didn't make a purchase. WINK! The selection was limited to Movie Date, Surf Date, Gallery Date, Formal Date, Tennis Date and Picnic Date.

We continued to move up 5th Avenue towards Elizabeth Arden where models were adorned in red and posing with onlookers.

On our way to Tommy Hilfiger, Zoro spotted a gathering crowd on the street. As we got closer we caught a glimpse of KARL LAGERFELD entering Fendi! We nearly fell out! He truly is so regal. He is most known as the Head Designer and creative director for Chanel. I couldn't get a picture of him though. The crowd was just too much.

After a quick venture in Tommy Hilfiger, the house beats of Versace beckoned us inside. The live models on pedestals were stunning, the people were beautiful, the clothes were nothing short of perfection. Zoro picked out a pair of shoes that would look lovely wrapped up under the Christmas tree.

She also picked out a gorgeous purple suede bag she was drooling over.

Here's a good shot of the crowd inside Versace alone. All of the stores were packed, but Versace had an exceptionally good DJ calling the wild and fabulous inside!

We both spotted a wall of shoes just past the DJ that we had to get a picture beside. The structure of the entire store is simply stunning. This is a place you must visit when you come to the city even if you aren't into fashion. The architecture on each floor is fabulous. There is a lot of empty space, but sometimes less is more with luxury brands.

Following our long stay in Fendi, we continued to move toward Rockefeller Center. I was nearly about to pass out from hunger, so I made a lot of carbless and hungry models hungry by scarfing down a pretzel from a street vendor. IT WAS SO GOOD! On our way, we spotted Mr. Jay Manuel from America's Next Top Model. I was stunned. His hair is really silver. Amazing.
He was prancing too quickly to snap a shot.

We then spotted Isaac Mizrahi coming out of a store as we were waiting for a glimpse of the Kardashian sisters to come out. We decided we were tired and they weren't worth the wait. It was time to circle back around and head back to our starting point.

The windows of Prada caught our eyes on our way back. Unfortunately, the store was closing so we couldn't go in, but the windows were definitely dressed to impress.

Our last stop before heading home for the evening was back at Tiffany. My Hero had caught up with Zoro and I by this time so we captured a New York moment. What a fabulous night! Can't wait for next year.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Short Hiatus

Dear Blog:

I miss you and miss sharing my adventures in this big city. I have been so busy at work lately (the 10-12 hour days are wearing on me), but I have also been having fun with friends, family and, of course, My Hero (he's been working entirely too much as well lately).

I promise to compose a proper post this weekend and to get back on track.

In the meantime, if you haven't seen it, check out page 194 of the October issue of GLAMOUR magazine! Jonathon and I are in it!!!!

More good things are to come...

Hint 1: Tonight is Fashions Night Out! OMG! I am trying really hard to focus at work so I can leave at a decent hour to enjoy some of it. I can't believe I am finally in NYC for Fashion Week!!! EEEK!

Hint 2: Tomorrow is My Hero's 30th BIRTHDAY!!!! WHAHOO!!!! He won't be able to tell me he's still in his 20s anymore. HA! I have fun things planned for him...he just doesn't know it yet.