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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A City of Thanks

If you're gonna spend a holiday anywhere in the world without family, it may as well be in New York City. The holiday season in this city is simply divine and a magical wonderland for the eyes.

This year, we are so blessed to be happy, healthy and together. My Hero and I made the best of our time together and explored the city like we were tourists. Our day started with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We stayed just long enough this year to see the Hello Kitty balloon...
Then, we "paraded" towards Fifth Ave. to look at the Christmas windows...
There were animal heads atop stunning clothes at Bergdor's...
A circus at Louis Vuitton...
And finally...TIFFANY! An old school carousel...
We ended this fabulous day at a friend's house for an incredible dinner. I am thankful and blessed to have friends who love to cook and are willing to share the fruits of their labor...
...and a gorgeous view of the city.
I am one lucky girl.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stunner At Sardi's

A couple nights ago, My Hero and I were on our way to an impromptu dinner at a Mexican restaurant. On our way, we passed by Sardi's in the theatre district well known for it's caricatures adorning the walls. The theatre crowd hadn't ascended on the popular establishment yet so we thought we would pop in and experience a classic New York moment.

I wasn't quite as dressed as I would have liked, but I may never have had a chance to return to that moment in my bucket list...what the one was judging...well, not until I laid my eyes on one of the original cast members of Sex and the City! It was none other than Kim Cattrall, otherwise known as Samantha Jones from her role on the famous show. No, she wasn't judging me. I was judging myself and wishing I had glammed-up just a smidge. At least I had on slightly more than a stitch of make-up and some jewels.

Ms. Cattrall was sitting a mere 10 feet from us at another table. Somehow, I resisted the urge to bother her and let her eat her dinner. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??!?!?!?!? Until next time, Ms. Cattrall.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Bucks!!!

"I don't have my coupon binder!"

These are the words of a true saver, otherwise known as the "Country Couponer," as we entered Wal-Mart sans coupon binder. I could see the dollar signs adding up in my dear friend's head and the walls were starting to cave in on her as we walked around.

My super-saver friend practically gets the grocery store to pay her on each trip. Wal-Mart is no match for her binder of coupon goodness! Aside from being an amazing mom of 3, wife, and friend, her God-given talent is the art of being frugal. For those of you who aren't as saving-savvy, my friend is sharing her gift with the Facebook world. Check her out - Country Couponer


Thursday, November 10, 2011

ING NYC Marathon

It was nearly a week ago that I completed a goal of mine that I set out for myself this past January. I ran the ING New York City Marathon! I still can't believe that the months of training came and went and the marathon itself came and went already...all 26.2 miles of it...all 5 boroughs in one day...behind me and my running shoes that I wrote about here.

I wanted to remember the experience of the actual race day just in case I decide not to run it ever again, so I took pictures all along the route. Somehow, I managed to post most of them to my Facebook account while I was running so people could keep up with my adventure in real time.

In case you missed it though, here's my adventure of the ING NYC Marathon just before the race, as I ran it, and my last shot as I completed the adventure.

Candice (co-worker at Tiffany) and I pick up our race packets and found the Tiffany booth as we do so.

I received my favorite flowers from my sweet Caroline!!!

Day before race day! We headed to Central Park for the pasta dinner & to check out the winners circle.

The Tiffany & Co. VIP section was located right at the finish line.

My Hero and I are both a little freaked out that I am going to run the marathon!

Here's a serious picture of us with the finish line in the background.

I took a practice run to the finish.

The Empire State Building was lit up orange in honor of the ING Marathon.

Race Day!!! 6:45 AM. Heidi and I are on the bus headed toward Staten Island and the starting line.

Here's The Village = a.k.a. the start of the race on Staten Island!!!

Yep, I put on my college intramural jersey that was retired at Campbell University this year. I'm the first Killer Bee to run the ING Marathon! Go Beez!

Here I am walking to the starting line.

One last picture of the Tiffany chiquitas before the start. Freaking out a little bit here. I am with Candice who's glam in her Ray Bans and Heidi in her amazing tu-tu!

We're off and running across the Verrazano Bridge!!! No turning back. Months of training are put to the test.

Pit stop in Brooklyn to take a quick picture. Hi, Heidi!

We made it to Queens!!! Looking good, Girls! We are still smiling at this point. Phew!

Somehow, I have enough energy to run backwards for this shot. Just trying to make it through Queens.

Thank goodness!!! We made it to the Queensboro Bridge...almost into Manhattan. This is the quietest part of the race. No onlookers are allowed on the bridge. Just trying to keep our spirits up at this point since we are nearly 15 miles into the race.

Manhattan is such a beautiful site from the Queensboro Bridge. It's such a relief to get back into the city.

My Hero!!! What a site for sore eyes for this bee. Thank you, Lord, for the support of this man! I couldn't have run the race without him.

Here's Candice's family and friends!!! Love the sign, Candice!

Here's Heidi's precious family! Heidi is such an amazing roll model for her daughter. "Run Like a Mother!"

We made it through the The Bronx (sans pictures and hitting a wall) and to the finish line! I literally turned green after this picture as we made our way through "Death Row" to get our goodies and pick up our bags. I did it!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yep. We're New Yorkers.

This is such a typical scene for us and nearly any New Yorker. We can't get away from an ATM. Thank goodness we budget or it would be SO easy to just spend the rent money. We might need to resurrect the Dave Ramsey wallet so we see less of this money machine. HA! Who's with me?