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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gearing Up

Since deciding to run the NYC Marathon this year, I've been getting my brain wrapped around the fact that I will be running TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES! EEEEEK! I am so thrilled that My Hero has decided to run with me. He's been so supportive already. My birthday was just a week ago and he got me a shiny, new pair of running shoes.
I think they were part of a reward for attending a Brooks running clinic with him a couple months ago. I dragged myself out of bed early one Saturday morning to listen to a Brooks rep tell about the fabulous technology within these shoes. I have been wanting to try this brand of shoes for years now, but they are ultra expensive. My Hero worked his magic and got a fabulous discount on the shoes you see above! Oh yeah! I am so thankful he's thrifty!

We also got each other the most romantic Christmas gift for one another this year. It's almost right up there with a vacuum. Kidding. See below.
Gym memberships are really pricey in NYC so we decided to invest in a home gym for ourselves. We really enjoy running through the city, but it's just too cold to do that now so having a treadmill in our apartment has been a great decision. Thank goodness we live on the bottom floor so we don't disturb anyone below us...ummmm...I hope we don't disturb anyone beside us or above us. Well, there haven't been any complaints yet so I guess it's not too loud.

I also got a new workout video series to help me train: TURBO FIRE!!!!! I absolutely L-O-V-E Chalene Johnson. I've tried a couple other of her workout series, such as Turbo Jam and ChaLean, and they are AWESOME. I am already in the third week of this series. Let's just say it's not for the beginners. YOWZA!
Cross your fingers that the training goes smoothly. I have until November 2011 to get into tip-top-running-shape. Bring it on!

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