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Monday, November 21, 2011

Stunner At Sardi's

A couple nights ago, My Hero and I were on our way to an impromptu dinner at a Mexican restaurant. On our way, we passed by Sardi's in the theatre district well known for it's caricatures adorning the walls. The theatre crowd hadn't ascended on the popular establishment yet so we thought we would pop in and experience a classic New York moment.

I wasn't quite as dressed as I would have liked, but I may never have had a chance to return to that moment in my bucket list...what the one was judging...well, not until I laid my eyes on one of the original cast members of Sex and the City! It was none other than Kim Cattrall, otherwise known as Samantha Jones from her role on the famous show. No, she wasn't judging me. I was judging myself and wishing I had glammed-up just a smidge. At least I had on slightly more than a stitch of make-up and some jewels.

Ms. Cattrall was sitting a mere 10 feet from us at another table. Somehow, I resisted the urge to bother her and let her eat her dinner. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??!?!?!?!? Until next time, Ms. Cattrall.

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