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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Celebration

NYC birthday parties have yet to disappoint. This weekend's celebration took the cake by far as we rose a glass and ate our way through numerous HOMEMADE tapas dishes. I have yet to live it up with the Puerto Rican crowd, but this weekend was a lovely introduction. The jury is still out on the verdict deciding if I can hang with them or not. I left around 3AM and the party was still going! WOW!

My dear friend, Jen, invited her friends to her apartment to ring in another year of her wonderful life while her boyfriend, who is also coincidentally a chef, prepared plates possibly created in heaven's kitchen. My mouth waters thinking of the delicious creations I can barely pronounce. I hope to be invited to more events with this crowd in order that my vocabulary and taste buds evolve with the new friendships initiated this weekend.

A few images of the food and festivities follow.
(The Birthday Girl & The Chef)
(Tomatoes & goat cheese on fresh bread. Homemade plantain chips and guacamole behind)
(My "Fabulous" friend Drazen and I strike a fierce pose)
(Drazen got caught wearing the Birthday Girl's sash and tiara)

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