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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I know...

It's funny to see the things around you if you just open your eyes. I thoroughly enjoy watching people and often get caught doing so...WHOOPS! Oh well. Here's what I learned this weekend by watching others:

1) Playing video games is inherently innate in boys - I watched a boy that was only 4 years old, at the most, play Super Mario Cart on his Nintendo DS with great ease. He didn't need any help turning it on or getting it started! The only flaw was that the game wouldn't get started right away so he took out the cartridge and blew on it! HAHAHAHA! Does anyone else remember doing this with their regular Nintendo games as a kid? I do! Blowing on them was the magic trick to making them work properly again. Who came up with this genius idea?

2) There are extremely talented musicians and vocalists that perform in the subways in NYC - I witnessed an 8 to 9 year old boy playing a keyboard in the Union Square station with such proficiency that he's surely destined to be a star someday. I couldn't help but to wonder where his parents were though. I didn't see anyone who looked like they were his parental figures.

3) Maintaining southern charm and manners in this city is a MUST - I noticed an elderly woman who was impeccably dressed searching for something on the sidewalk this evening. I will admit that I passed her by at first, but I felt a tug on my soul so I turned around. I found out that the woman had lost her hearing aids. My heart sank for her. She said they must have fallen out of her purse and onto the sidewalk. She was able to find one, but not the other. I will say a prayer for her tonight that the other one appears.

4) The leaves remain on the trees much longer in the city - I haven't noticed any leaves on the ground until this past week. The sidewalks are fairly clean at all times for the most part, but the leaves suddenly appeared on them one morning. Rocky is thrilled since he has something to do his business in. He makes a bee-line for a small pile of leaves like no one's business. I haven't seen this much enthusiasm out of the dog in days.

5) It's nearly THANKSGIVING!!! This is the start of the holiday season for My Hero and I. We usually wait until Thanksgiving Day to watch our favorite holiday movie, but we only made it to the first of November this year to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. My favorite quote from the movie is the scene where Clark Griswold (the dad) failed to get the light display to work on his house. One of the grandmothers says, "Talk about pissing your money away!" Audrey (the daughter of Clark) says, "He worked really hard, Grandma." The grandfather pipes up and says, "So do washing machines!" END SCENE. HAHAHAHA! Oh, Chevy Chase, I heart you!

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  1. I watched Christmas Vacation for the first time last night!!!!! =) Loved that quote!!