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Sunday, November 7, 2010


My Hero and I had so much fun this weekend. It was the first weekend since July that we've been able to spend all Saturday and all Sunday together. We did so many random things. Here's a taste of just one of them.

We decided to take advantage of the extra hour that we gained this weekend by living that hour twice...the first hour was in Times Square and the second was curled up on our couch watching bad movies on TBS.

Times Square never goes dark so we headed out there around 1:00 AM Sunday morning to walk around, get some hot chocolate and just enjoy being together. I've mentioned it before, but we also like to act like tourists even though we live in the city. This was a great opportunity to take pictures just like all the other people in Times Square! Here's a small taste of what was an impromptu idea so it's not perfectly executed, but we had fun doing it!

Here's the original shot...

Here's our attempt at recreating the moment...

Here's one more fun shot just for good measure. I love My Hero.

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