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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dame of a Day

In the words of the recent Elizabeth Taylor, "Big girls need big diamonds." Since I can't have humongous diamonds (right now), I recently enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at Christie's Auction House with my girlfriends soaking in some of most fabulous jewels from Ms. Taylor's extraordinary collection. Our eyes skated over the ice rink otherwise known as the Krupp Diamond, swam with the Tiffany Dolphin brooch, and twinkled with surprise and delight from the beautiful array of colors from her many other pieces. We were also given a tour through several hundred feet of mannequins lavishly draped in her pieces ranging from Versace, Pucci, Chanel, and Ungaro to name a few.

Truly an amazing day for any girl who loves jewelry, fashion and things larger than life just as Ms. Taylor.

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