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Monday, December 26, 2011

Nailed It

It's no surprise that I love glitter. Afterall, sparkle is my favorite color so why wouldn't I don my nails with a golden glow? It makes sitting at the computer and typing all day much more enjoyable.

The glow eventually wears off and removing the sparkle from my nails has proven to be a bit tricky in the past, so I decided to let the professionals do it. While at the salon, I realized I couldn't go cold turkey to plain-jane nails, so I opted for a bright geranium hue to get me through Christmas. Now, you must also understand that I RARELY paint my fingernails so this is a real treat.

The salon was really busy the night I decided to go. I waited patiently and apparently, unbeknownst to me, untwisted the bottle top to the color I selected. A wet sensation came over my hands a few minutes later...yep, I had nail polish on my hands...not my nails. I discretely cleaned off my hands with only those sitting next to me noticing my nail salon faux pax. The woman next to me got a kick out of my clumsiness. Glad I could make someone's day.

Eventually sitting down in the chair to be pampered, the nail tech noticed my new nail color selection no longer on my hands, but in MY HAIR!!! Color streaking is a popular trend right now, but it's just not for me. I've spent months trying to find the perfect shade of blonde so I was a little distressed, but couldn't do anything but laugh. Everyone in the salon was laughing with (or at) me as the nail tech used nail polish remover on my tresses. I think I'll stick to pedicures from now on.

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