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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Insider

I recently had the opportunity to take an insider's tour of Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue. I have been to the store several times and ridden the special employee elevators, but I had yet to have the opportunity to see the inner workings until a few weeks ago.

One of the first rooms we were ushered into was a board room which held the original vault concealed by hidden doors.
We spent a great deal of time in the next area where a majority of our original pieces and customer special orders are hand created. The craftsmen in this area are extremely talented and my eyes certainly danced with delight at their skills and stunning stones they were fortunate to work with. The day was a real treat and I developed a greater appreciate for the brand by learning more about it.
(Craftsmen at work)

(Layout of a necklace before it's placed in the metal)

(Close-up of the stones prior to placement in the metal)

(Tools used to create the stunning Yellow Diamond Key also shown in the picture)

(You can see the skeleton of the platinum key before the stones are set)

(Craftsman working on the casting of a turtle so intricate that it has a separate shell and body)

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