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Monday, August 29, 2011

Must Be Monday

Let me begin by apologizing for a post a second day in a row about Rockzilla. In efforts not to sound like a crazy lady who talks about her pet all the time, this will rarely, if ever, happen again.

9.5 years ago, I picked him out of My Hero's grandfather's litter that he bread himself, took no part in disciplining him (that was My Hero's job), spoiled him rotten, I would've gone broke on this dog years ago if it weren't for My Hero, took him to college with me...yep, he's a college graduate, and he moved with us all the way from the rolling fields of North Carolina to the concrete jungles of NYC. I am crazy about this little bugger.

With all of Rockzilla's good qualities, he has never really gotten along well with other dogs and he is picky about the people he chooses to agree with as well.

Here's the rest of the story:
People in NYC are extremely willing to let their dog walk up to any strange dog. Ummm...this is NOT a good idea. This is NEVER a good idea. This happened to us on our walk tonight...
  • Man w/ dog - "Hello, what kind of dog is that?" as his dog inches closer to Rockzilla.
  • Me - "He's a Jack Russell, but he's not very friendly." as I bend down to handle Rockzilla before he strangles himself on his leash.
  • Man w/ dog - "Well, his tail is waggin'!"
  • Me - "No, really, Sir. He's not friendly with other dogs." as Rockzilla's hair starts to stand on end.
  • Man w/ dog - "Hmmm, I don't think so. His tail is waggin'." His dog is too close to us by now.
  • Me - "He is not friendly with other dogs, Sir..."
  • Rockzilla - " LET ME OFF THIS LEASH!"
  • Man - "Oh, I see."
REALY?!?!?!? I told the man THREE TIMES my dog is not friendly. Shouldn't ONCE have been sufficient?

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