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Monday, September 26, 2011


Miles...18 to be the heat and humidity and high dew point. 18 MILES! That's the most I've ever run and I must say I am quite proud of my body for holding up to that distance. I will admit that I wanted to vomit towards the last half a mile, but I managed to keep myself together. The funny thing is, I think I hallucinated and reverted back to my high school track days several times. I could hear my dad's voice yelling at me, "Pick 'em up and put em' down, BB!!! RUN!!!" Who knew that those encouraging words would still be with me years later.

All in all, Heidi's been an amazing running partner. I probably would have quit miles back without her. We've had a lot of fun and managed to take a few great pictures along the way during our the past couple of runs. November 6 is just around the corner and so is the full 26.2 miles!

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