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Sunday, October 9, 2011

CU in the Creek

After 4 years of college and several years away from The Creek (a.k.a Buies Creek, NC), it was time to venture down the road to our alma mater, Campbell University. An alumni flag-football tournament was just the ticket to get several of our friends back on the campus.

My Hero and I finally made it to a hotel near campus around 3:00AM. Perfect. 4 hours of beauty rest later, we were up and 'attem and on the field. Well, my better half was on the field, while I was on the side lines donning my best cheerleading smile. My wonderful aunt and uncle showed up to cheer on the boys too! It was quite nostalgic to be cheering on the Killer Beez again and so great to see the boys together. They still had some good moves and took it to the house on a team of current students, but lost that game in the end. They beat the other alumni team though which is what really mattered...thank goodness. 

The night ended on a high note with a special dinner in our old cafeteria on campus...HA! I'm not kidding, but it seriously couldn't have been anymore perfect. My Hero was honored by the retirement of the jersey of T-W-O teams he played on at Campbell - PEN15 and Killer Beez. The speeches were all very memorable and I don't remember the last time we all laughed so genuinely hard. 

The boys hit the field the next day for a few more games and we ended a fabulous weekend by hijacking a BoJangles dining room. Evidentiary support of the above mentioned statements follows...

(The Killer Beez)

(The Huddle)

(My Hero & Ryan Little)

(Killer Beez jersey retirement)

(PEN15 jersey retirement)

(Yep, we climbed the camel on campus for a quick snap before campus police halted our shenanigans)

(Sweet Humphrey the Camel)

(My Hero takes a couple shots in our AWESOME new gym)

(The boys pose in front of their old house...the "KEEP OUT" sign is quite fitting - 
Murphy, English, Woodell, My Hero)

(The girls of the Killer Beez - Casey Soon-to-be-English, Me, Dru Murphy, Marisa Woodell)

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