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Monday, September 20, 2010

To The South, With Love

I sprouted wings and flew South to the Queen City this past weekend for a semi-surprise-girls' weekend with Sunshine. I was finally able to relax and start the weekend after becoming an aunt for the 8th time!!! It never gets old!!! Cora Elizabeth is the now the youngest of them all and just as dear and precious.

Sunshine and I packed in a lot in a short visit. She picked me up from the airport and we headed to dinner near SouthPark Mall. Sitting in the warm, fresh air, enjoying a nice dinner was just the ticket. We caught up on a slew of back stories and good gossip.

Saturday morning came before we knew it. We hit up Owen's Bagel for brunch and a belated birthday-bagel with Hapster, a great friend and former co-worker. What a great moment for a photo-op.
After spending some quality time with a dearly missed friend, we headed out to take over a few shops before the Tennessee game. Both of us usually find great things at J.T. Posh, but nothing was tickling our fancy. They carry high end consignment clothes which is always super chic for any fashionista on a budget with high-end taste. Despite the lack of findings at J.T. Posh, I was super thrilled to find a decorative plate with the Charlotte skyline painted on it at Paper Skyscraper. It sounds really tacky, but it's quite cute. It details very specific buildings and areas that are well known in the Charlotte area on it.

During our ventures around the city, we headed towards Buckets where Sunshine's fabulous skirts and dresses are flying off the shelves. Her unique creations, otherwise known as Hems & Hers, can be found in boutiques, college campuses and a trunk show headed your way in the near future. Check out her amazing pieces and add a splash of color to your wardrobe at Hems & Hers.
We headed to dinner with some girl friends Saturday night. We all caught up on each other's lives and had some really good laughs. Sunshine promised to write a review of the Diva Cup for more ensuing laughter. Ms. Charlotte promised to find out more info on the Shake really does exist...really. It's not just a commercial spoof on Saturday Night Live. The best part was catching up on the new life of mommihood from Texas. She's just so laid back and relaxed and in love with her precious babe.
I landed back in the North Sunday evening and back in the arms of My Hero. Rockzilla happily greeted me at the door with a huge smile and a tiny tail that wagged his entire body. It's good to be home in the Big Apple. What a great weekend.


  1. nice post -I am going to have to visit some of those places! glad you enjoyed your time here in the Queen City!

  2. These pictures made me so jealous that you got to spend time with CB and WC!!!!