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Monday, September 27, 2010


As part of My Hero's 30 birthday, we embarked on a TV & Movie bus tour around the city this past weekend. We are still trying to learn our way around the city and I figured one of the best ways to do it was in a bus with a bunch of of whom was UBER European (read: he stunk) and another who enjoyed playing musical chairs on the bus (read: he liked stealing our seat at the front of the bus).

We rendevoued at the Stardust Diner Saturday morning a bit earlier than scheduled to grab a bite to eat. The Stardust is known for their kitchy wait staff that sings songs while on the clock. We took a seat amongst the other tourists and quickly learned that this was an overpriced, hot diner. Thankfully, I had spotted a couple breakfast carts across the street. We made a run for it and enjoyed two cream cheese bagels and coffee for a grand total of $4! THRIFTY and YUMMY!
Here are just a few of the sites we took in:
(Lois Lane's Apartment - The penthouse at the top. Pretty good digs for a reporter.)

(Madison Square Park - we strolled past Ivanka Trump on our way to this spot.)
(Madison Square Park again. Filmed here: I Am Legend, Enchanted, August Rush, Barefoot in the Park, When Harry Met Sally, Searching for Bobby Fischer, etc.)

(The Courthouse. Filmed here: Law & Order, Miracle on 34th St., The Godfather, Wall Street, Night Court, The Devil's Advocate, Gangs of New York, etc.)

(Hook & Ladder 8. Filmed Here: Ghostbusters, Hitch, Seinfeld)

(The Friends Building)

It was a great day and we will totally go on another tour sans smelly people and seat stealers. Just in case you are in the city, check out deals for similar tours on You might be just as lucky as we were to score a 2-for-1 deal!

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