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Monday, July 11, 2011

Shopping Skilz

Having completed his first full year of living in NYC, My Hero has officially determined THE way to...wait for it...SHOP in this aggressive city. Of course his style relates to sports. He's so witty. Enjoy!

3 Ways Basketball Prepared Me For Shopping In NYC
By: J.R.

‎#1 The Crossover: I can't tell you how many times you're walking and people just stop in front of you. Here, you should try the crossover where you shift momentum from one direction to another to avoid contact.

#2 Taking a Charge: While shopping, you must keep your feet still and stand your ground! If you're moving, people will blow right through you to get to a rack!

#3 Boxing OUT! This is my favorite move to keep someone from cutting in front of me while looking at a rack. You must get between the person and the clothing while using your butt. The addition of the butt helps make the situation a little awkward. A win for you!

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