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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Louis! Louis!

It's Fall!!! It was truly the first weekend we've had with a chill in the air. Even my hot-blooded hubby shivered...only slightly though. He never gets cold, but he said he might actually get to wear a sweater this year since it might be cold enough for him in the city.

The hubs and I didn't get to see each other at all this weekend so I had to figure out what to do with myself. I started Saturday morning with a great run up Sutton Avenue. It was actually quite peaceful dodging the families and couples already out and about. They were strolling to their fav coffee joint to get their jolt of the if the brisk weather weren't enough.

After getting home and hopping in the shower, I was off to Madison Square Park to meet The Voorhees. Jen is a former co-worker from an ad agency in Charlotte and her hubs is an aspiring comedian. We grabbed a bite to eat at Shake Shack...mmmmm...seriously the best burgers, fries and shakes in the city. I was good and only had a burger...and fries sans cheese. The cheese is the best part. Jen and Derek were kind enough to introduce me to their friends who also live in the city over lunch. They are such an interesting couple and I hope I have a future post about them as our friendship grows.

After noshing on our delicious meat and potatoes, we needed to walk it off so we headed WAAAAAAAAAY down to Hook & Ladder 8. This is the functioning fire station that was used to film Ghostbusters II. Everyone was super excited to see it, but once we got there, it was closed up. DANGIT!!!! The Voorhees got a peak inside anyway.

After saying goodbye and parting ways, I had to head home and attempt to take Rockzilla for a walk. Welllllllll, riiiiiiight. About that. He just doesn't want to walk outside on the street with just me. We at least made it down the block before he insisted upon turning around and coming home. Thank goodness for our courtyard or the poor little guy probably wouldn't go outside. We came in and played with his duck. Rockzilla is a super hunter. He conquered the duck!!! It was a good afternoon!

Today was the best day of all. Now, you must sit down before reading this...
I WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE AND I COOKED!!! Seriously! Now, I totally understand that this is no great challenge for many people, but it is for me because (A) I loathe the grocery store and (B) I really don't enjoy cooking. I conquered both in one day! WHAHOOO! I made almond crusted chicken and honey dijon chicken fingers and chicken you recognize a theme here? Oh, I also made fresh, steamed veggies. YUM! My meals are made for the week.

Now for the creme de la creme. Are you still sitting down? OMG! I nearly died today. I am not much into material things simply because we just can't afford them. I do, however, like nice things and save my money to buy them...on sale. I am the Queen of Sales, Sample Sales, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Consignment Stores. NYC has some amazing consignment stores with clothes that still have the tags on them! I ventured to SoHo this afternoon to check out a couple of consignment stores. The first was a bust, but I will go back again. I hit the jackpot in the second store...CHECK IT OUT!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! IT'S REAL! LOUIS IS MINE!!!

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  1. O.M.G. I NEED to know the names of these stores!!! NYC shopping is my absolute FAVE and I'm always looking for new hot spots!! =) PS can we actually meet some day? I feel like I know you so well via CB, lol.