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Monday, October 18, 2010

Candy Corn & Kisses

My Hero and I cruised down to North Carolina this past weekend to have some much needed family time. We decided to drive the grueling 13-14 hours each way so our beloved Rockzilla could make the trip as well. Our precious 9 year old has never stayed anywhere except with us or at his grandparents' house so we are very timid to leave him. You would think we have a newborn that we were afraid to leave for the first time, but what you must understand is that Rocky is very temperamental and doesn't get along with most dogs or other people. He looks sweet and innocent, but he's a fighter underneath the soft, white and brown, cuddly exterior. See...

After arriving in NC, we were off and running. We had lots of family to see, things to do and places to go. We were on the go, go, go the entire time, but we had an absolutely amazing time and only wish we were still there. In short, we accomplished the following:
  • Surprised both sets of grandparents
  • Shed a few tears
  • Drove (I seriously love driving)
  • Finalized banking business
  • Ate at Chick-Fil-A
  • Did some winter clothes shopping
  • Purchased new winter boots for the both of us
  • Met my brother's super-sweet girlfriend
  • Enjoyed an all-you-can-eat Chinese food and crab legs dinner
  • Drove some more
  • Visited the Tiffany store
  • Got my rings checked and didn't make any additional purchases while doing so
  • Ate at Chick-Fil-A again
  • Caught up with Polka Dots and Protein Bars
  • Ate some of her delicious, homemade, chocolate chip cookies
  • Laughed a lot
  • Had dinner with family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins
  • Heard the best redneck stories including killer bees, snakes, deer and ants
  • Laughed more
  • Learned that to escape hornets, you should head for the shade
  • Laughed even more
  • Played with a puppy
  • Ate at Bojangles
  • Attended a church service at Elevation - heard an awesome sermon (of course) and worship music that ranged from Country (bluegrass-fiddle, banjo, harmonica and cowboy boots included) to joke.
  • Saw Polka Dots and Protein Bars' parents! I love them to pieces!
  • Shed a few more tears
  • Loved on our family
  • Cried half way home...a few more chocolate chip cookies helped dry my eyes
The entire trip was fantastic and I already miss those Carolina blue skies. Through it all, I was reminded that it's the small things in life that mean the most in this world...and apparently food. HA! Before heading back to Manhattan, we ventured across the pasture to give more hugs to our grandparents. They know how much I love candy corn and had purchased a bag for me to enjoy on the ride home. Well, actually, they probably wanted me to stop eating their candy corn so they got me my own; nevertheless, this meant more to me than I can ever express. I insist that they love me the best of all the grandchildren now.

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