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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Have you ever had moments when you feel just absolutely, truly, entirely blessed? While I sit on the sofa with My Hero, I realized how blessed I am. My Hero and I took a huge leap of faith by moving to New York for my career when he didn't have a job at all. The leap was huge especially given that the economy is still in shambles.

QUESTION: So why did we do this?
ANSWER: Faith.

We felt that we were called to do something different with our lives outside of Charlotte. We didn't know what. We don't know what. I think it all started with my desire for something bigger with my job. Long story short, I landed a job in NYC, packed up my stuff, My Hero rented out our condo in Charlotte, we sold lots of stuff, he finally moved up here with the dog after 4 months of being apart from one another, we found a super-cute apartment in Manhattan, and now My Hero has LANDED A JOB! WHAHOOOO!!!!

Ask and you shall receive. Believe and it will happen. Ask for His blessing and it will come. Ask the SUN TO STAND STILL! We totally dreamed big dreams and we give the glory to Him. None of this was our doing. It was all God. Period. It hasn't been easy, but the journey so far has all been worth it. I am blessed.

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