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Monday, July 5, 2010

Brooklyn, Dooney & Fireworks

We took our first adventure outside the city this past weekend. It was time for a trip to Target. I was going through major withdrawals. An added plus was the Marshalls located nearby, which I happened to neglect to tell My Hero. During previous years of our marriage, we would end up in near divorce every time we ventured to The Promised Land (a.k.a. Marshalls). My Hero finally got wise and came up with a compromise = we had a time limit in this particular store when we were together. I finally got wiser and stopped taking trips with him to The Promise Land. HA!

We woke up early, hit Starbucks for a treat to enjoy on the train and we were on our way to Brooklyn. We founds everything we were looking for at Target, but Marshalls was a bit of a let down. Since I wasn't quite ready to head back to the city just yet, I convinced My Hero to have a bite to eat at a wings place...which just so happened to have numerous, large screen TVs that played nothing but sports! Oh, yes, Friends, I have gotten smart after 7 years of marriage. Wings+Sports=More Shopping Later! YAY!

After a quick bite and a rest for our feet, we headed out to the Brooklyn Flea Market. I didn't have anything in mind, but just love the thrill of the hunt. The day was quite warm so we made our way through the rows of garb quite quickly. I made it out of there with a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag! WHAHOOOO!!! Unfortunately, I had to put down a stunning Coach bag. Somewhere Dave Ramsey was smiling upon me. Dang you, BUDGET and RESPONSIBILITY!

We concluded the weekend with fireworks on the Hudson River. They were a little less than stellar, but my outfit totally made up for it. I sported yet another original creation from Hems & Hers and posed with some of New York's finest firefighters! Hope you had a happy 4th of July.

(My Hero & Hulk Hogan at the Flea Market)

(Picking out my D&B bag)

(H&H and D&B and Starbucks)

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