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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am trying to grow my hair out. Enough said.

Actually, let me expound upon that. I love having short hair. It's soooo much cooler in the summer and it's so easy to style. I literally have wash and go hair right now. My biggest gripe is with the color. I have either highlighted or dyed my hair since middle school so I really can't tell you what color it naturally is anymore. Also, I went from platinum blonde to a deep-dark brunette within a year's time. I love dying my hair, but I'm searching for the natural shade. I think I am close now. I am brunette with a splash of red. Yep. Red. Oye. I used to have the prettiest blonde hair.

Question: What caused this desire to grow out my hair...again?
Answer: Buns

I really like the new messy bun fad.
I like the polished ballerina bun.
I like the low, nape-of-the-neck bun.
I enjoy the high, loose bun.

I have cut my hair and grown it back three times for Locks of Love and each time was more rewarding than the last. The hair is donated to make wigs for children suffering from cancer. It's such a small thing anyone can do for a child in need.

I have a long way to go. Say a prayer for me. I need my locks to grow, grow, grow. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make this process go faster?
Until then, bottoms up and keep bringing the fresh O.J.

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