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Friday, August 6, 2010

I believe...Part 2

This post is a continuation of yesterday's post....

I believe that everything happens for a reason.
As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I know without a doubt that My Hero and I are in New York for a reason. We prayed hard about our move from Charlotte especially since we truly love the south and love Charlotte even more. Despite the fact that I was really ready for a shift in my career path, we were primarily prompted to move due to a higher calling. We strongly feel and believe that God has bigger and better things for us in New York so that's why we are here.

I must admit that it's been a challenge from the start. Being away from my husband for nearly 4 months while he finished his job in Charlotte was a huge challenge. We saw each other sporadically throughout that period of time, but that was no consolation for not living under the same roof. Learning a new job in New York was and has been the most difficult challenge for the both of us. This got me thinking...everyone faces difficulties and bumps in the road in their job whether they are the boss or the boss' employee. The easiest way around this is to learn how to find favor with your boss or employees. The hardest thing to do is put aside differences. This situation may not always be in the cards, but it does happen. I know this situation all too well, but that story is for another day and another post. Regardless of your differences, we, as Christians, are here to further God's kingdom just as Esther did.

"So it was, when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, that she found favor in his sight, and the king held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand. Then Esther went near and touched the top of the scepter. And the king said to her, 'What do you wish, Queen Esther? What is your request? It shall be given to you—up to half the kingdom!'"
Esther 5:2-3, NKJV

Here are 3 points as summarized from a daily devotion by Beth Jones to further explain how to gain favor in the workplace just as Esther eventually gained favor from the king:
1) Be a person of prayer and humility - Those in authority are not often impressed withor responsive tothose who are mavericks, cocky, over-confident, smart-mouthed or puffed up.

2) Find out what your supervisor/employees likes and dislikes - Know how to approach your supervisor/employees and learn to work with each other's style in order to get the task at hand accomplished.

3) Know your supervisor's/employees' pet peeves - Know them and just don't do them. Period.

These principles seem simple. They are. But...sometimes they are easier said than done. Practice these points to the best of your ability. Once you do, you will have found favor from your supervisor/employees, good things will start to happen, the workplace will be a MUCH better place and new doors of opportunity will begin to open. Always remember that someone is always watching you and they may decide to follow your example. Take a moment to think about and consider what kind of example you setting and what kind of example you want to set.

Stepping off the box now.

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  1. Definitely something to chew on! Fab post lady!