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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Latest Love

Fall is just around the corner. This is so hard to think about since the weather has been HOT HOT HOT! BUT I know I must start saving for fabulous fall finds because the colder weather will be here much quicker and last longer this year for me. Being from the south, I am used to Fall extending nearly into November and Spring kicks back into gear in late February or March. Now that I am in the north, I better get used to longer winters and plan accordingly to extend my wardrobe that far as well.

There are several things on my list in the apparel department, but would love a new handbag as well. Considering how much I tend to cram into my bag on a daily basis (i.e. phone, make-up, iTouch, work heels/shoes, lunch, pens, various work related papers, wallet, umbrella, etc), I need a bag that is large enough to carry all of this, durable enough to outlast the elements and fashionable enough to carry with numerous outfits.

After making a recent purchase of a vintage Dooney & Bourke bag at a flea market, I have become a fan of the brand and have realized that this is a well underestimated bag maker by younger generations. I feel that this brand used to be WAY more popular, but other brands have taken the lead over the past few years. I recently visited a D&B store in the city and fell in love with the juicy spring/summer bags now on sale and the rich colored bags made for fall and winter that are landing on the shelves. Here are a few of my picks: (Juliette Bag: You can literally load everything in here! It comes in a gorgeous green as well that is perfect for adding a pop of color on a drab winter day) (Cosmetic Case - Every girl needs a cute cosmetic concealer. How cute are the ducks!) (Multi-Functional Zip Around - Perfect for carrying your ID, Credit Card,
Metro Card and Phone. Cat prints are so in this season.)
(Classic Satchel - This is such a classic style, but the orange gives it a modern edge. The bag comes in classic colors as well in case you want to use this more of an everyday bag.)

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